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Lydia René Opens Up About Her Path to Music & Performs for Our Crenshaw TV

October 30, 2018

Musician Lydia René is back, and sits down with DJ Moonbaby on Our Crenshaw TV to talk musical influences, upbringing, how she became a classically trained pianist and what's next. René also gives fans listen to one of her tracks off the EP "Vintage Heart" - an album that's truly a love story from start to finish.


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As the cultural hub in the Crenshaw Corridor, BHC is a place with strong community roots and we are committed to curating events that speak to the story of our neighborhood — concerts, jazz nights, inspirational celebrity interviews and unique activations.

To further this commitment, BHC partnered with All Music Television Digital Network to create OurCrenshawTV.com, an online lifestyle platform that celebrates this rich history and neighborhood.

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